Media Design
Whether the project is for a personal portfolio or launching a new non-profit, meet goals with successful UX/UI design.
Design for Journalism
Ever-developing content requires a different structure when using media. Incorporate visual data with infographics.
Instructional Design
Intuitive UX/UI is a must when designing for training and education. Mix a well-developed curriculum into an interactive experience.

Let's work together!

Do you have a project you need designed and published on the web?  Are you in need of some well-designed marketing materials?  I'm here for you!  I'd love to meet you and help talk through solutions.  Starting at $75 per hour, I can create some work with your vision in mind. But let's talk first before committing to see if your timeline, project and my experience is a good fit for your needs. Send me a note to get started! 

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